Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Venice Lido now available as an ebook...

A typical afternoon on the Venice Lido
Blue Guides is known for its well written, beautifully produced and authoritative guide books. The venerable travel imprint, founded in 1918, has now published its first ebook, The Venice Lido by Robin Saikia. The Venice Lido was the first in the publisher's new Travel Monographs series.The print edition is a great success and remains the book to consult before planning a trip to Venice or to its glamorous beach resort. It has been become required reading for the tens of thousands of tourists who visit Venice every year, offering them a completely different perspective on the city. The critics, too, warmly praised and endorsed the book. John Julius Norwich: "I have enjoyed it hugely - and it has taught me lots that I didn't know." The Spectator: "Warmth, charm and eccentric scholarship." Guardian: "Smashing... so well brought off I expected sand to sift from its pages while I was reading." Good Book Guide: "Combines an enthralling travel guide with an equally intriguing social and cultural history." Fictional Cities: "This book will broaden your horizons." Robin Saikia is delighted with the response: "A great many people think of Venice in terms of churches, palaces and museums. They do not know that only ten minutes away from San Marco there is this unbuttoned, sundrenched paradise dotted with tennis courts and stables, a golf course and a fabulously maintained beach. If, like me, you're both a culture vulture and a committed hedonist, you'll find the Lido a more than welcome bolthole from the high-brow hurly-burly of the city. Children: in an ideal world children shouldn't get bored looking at beautiful things, but in real life they do - so here are 10 things to do on the Venice Lido, some of which are perfect for children. Culture: do not suppose the Lido is entirely bereft of culture. Visconti filmed Death in Venice here. Here is a rare thing, a cocktail underpinned with literary integrity: Death in Venice the drink was invented by me and refined by Tony Micelotta, the bar manager at the Excelsior."

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